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Innopower@JC Life Education - S3 Pos Maker Project

Students from S.3 will join this programme, which can develop the critical 21st century skills, resilience and sense of wellbeing from experiencing “learning by doing” surrounded by the atmosphere of positive education.

透過參與「正向創客計劃」,本校中三級學生能於正向教育的學習氣氛中,從「做中學Learning by Doing (LBD)」的實際經驗,學習21世紀關鍵技能、增強適應力和提昇幸福感

  • They can build collaboration skills, creativity, critical solving and problem solving skills (4 critical areas for LBD.)

  • They can also enhance positive relationship, positive emotions, positive engagement from different life education programmes, redecoration of classroom, class routines and daily interactions with teachers and classmates.

  •  They can showcase what they achieve in the key events to build self-confidence, collaboration and trust.

Project Aims 計劃目標

Project Aims 計劃目標

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